Hi, I'm Drew. I'm a tinkerer, maker, web developer, broadcaster, and technology enthusiast. I'm an avid Linux-user and advocate of open-source software.

I build things with Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, and 3D Printers, and I teach electronics and programming classes at some of my local makerspaces. Sometimes I create things with Adobe Audition or Illustrator, JSketcher, Solvespace, PyxelEdit, among other tools.

You'll likely find me wandering the northeast.

Projects & Portfolio

StreamRec is a complete recording solution for Shoutcast streams. Records stream in hourly segments and utilizes a web GUI to manage access and recording requests.

Autodrop3D is an automated manufacturing and 3D printing platform I've been working on with Michael Molinari and John Scimone.

I build websites and provide technology consulting services for individuals and small businesses.
Get in touch at SparkingWires.

I have been known, on occasion, to produce talk and music radio programs at WHUS.

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Contact Me

Want to get in touch? Whether it's a question about one of my projects, a question about a makerspace class, a request for my resume, a desire to know my favorite font, or anything else, feel free to shoot me a message. I'll reply.

You can email me at my first name, followed by the @ symbol, care of this domain, or you can use the Telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other links below.

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